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3 Reasons why Branding is EVERYTHING | Jaimi Laine Photography

You know who you are, now it's time to show the world! You've worked hard to pull together the pieces, and create a business, and your ready to take it to the next level. It's time to build and refine your BRAND. What is Branding? So many small business owners that that branding is logo design and color schemes...but that's simply not true. When you are a small business owner, Branding is you. Let me say that again, BRANDING IS YOU!

No matter what business you are in, you have to plan for all the questions that a potential client may have, keeping in mind that the average client visits your website 2-3 minutes. During this time you have to build and gain their attention and their trust. They need to know you are knowledgeable, trustworthy, consistent, and the type of person they can connect with! Today, that extends to all avenues of social media too! So Branding is EVERYTHING!


It's your identity. Identity as a business, and identity as a person. It's how you make your clients feel. From your look, to your personality, your logo, signage, and if your a photographer like me, your editing. It's sharing a piece of who you are with with your clients that sets your business apart from all the others.

When I started out my professor said to me, when a client hires a wedding photographer, they should be able to expect quality photographs, but what are you going to give them that they can't get anywhere else? Give them YOU!


The reputation that you build with your clients will be your strongest and most important tool you have. When you create a relationship with your clients, and provide consistently good experiences they will always come back, not only will they come back, but they will recommend you to their friends as well. Word of mouth can be very powerful marketing. But personally, I think the biggest reward here, is the relationships themselves. Watching families grow overtime is literally the most amazing thing!


Consistency is really so important. You really do not have a brand without it. Your favorite restaurant can be spoiled with just one terrible server experience, or dirty dining visit. If you edit your images differently all the time, your clients do not know what to expect for their own images. If your logo is forever changing, they do not know who you are when their images come up in their feed. My husband and I talk about the days when we were younger when you could hear a singer or rapper come on the radio, and they had a style so strong, so personal, that you KNEW who they were, immediately. You want that, you want to create a consistently strong style, and experience, no matter what your business is, where everything is planned out from the moment they reach out to you til the moment their business with you is completed, where they walk away feeling the way your brand was constructed to make them feel. Is that relieved? strong? happy? powerful? Only consistency can do achieve this!

So, here's Lena, she's a permanent makeup artist, who also teaches other's around the globe. She exudes strength, she's fun, kind, and a very empowered woman! She's a powerhouse entrepreneur and a woman I look up to! She came to me looking to create imagery for her social media that would share with her audience the type of woman she is. We planned the location, and outfits to show her fun side and sophisticated side. She had a very specific idea in mind, and we made it happen. Branding is so important. It's an investment in your business, your future. It's an investment in your clients. Lena and I had so much fun together, and I'm so excited for our next branding session! When we were wrapping up she asked me a question, she asked "If you could do any type of session always, what would you do?".... this is hard because I love photography, and would never want to exclude any of my clients, but if I could do A LOT of any thing.... it would be Branding sessions, and Maternity...and you know what she the powerhouse that she is.... "then do it!"

So here I am... saying... let's do it. Let's create Branding images for your business! Invest in your future today!

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