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Class of 2020 | Senior Portrait Photographer | Tampa Florida

Whoa, what a year! Devastating for so many, while for others this may be a dream. But one thing is certain, this year is not what anyone expected it would be. With my son coming up on his Senior year, it doesn't go unnoticed that so many of the exciting things that parents, and students were looking forward to experiencing, are now lost, or at the very least put on hold. But.... yup, here's the but.... as I told my son, yes, this is devastating for everyone experiencing this, but, you will be better off in life for it. Any obstacle that presents itself in your future will pale in comparison. This life changing experience can be your foundation, that even when things get hard, or down right bad, they aren't CORONA VIRUS, QUARANTINED IN YOUR HOME, bad. You will know that if you overcame this, you will absolutely overcome anything.

That doesn't mean we That doesn't mean we give up hope for their Senior year, for the celebrations and the recognition of all the amazing things they have done in life, or the fact that at the end of this year marks the beginning of their adulthood, their life. Their future.

I want to help you celebrate. I want to take a moment to photograph them, capture them in this place in life. Where childhood meets adulting. I'm offering THREE packages starting at just $150. We can schedule them for late April, May or June. Email me today at

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