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Mommy's Boy | Tampa Photographer | Jaimi Laine

It's funny, when you get pregnant and you near your due date, you hear it all... "you better get sleep while you can" and all about the dirty diapers, and the terrible twos, and the list just goes on...I always ask at a maternity session "soo, are you ready?" and I hear about how they are ready to not be pregnant, but a little worried or scared.

So let's share.. yes, there is dirty diapers, and sleepless nights, and sure there are days when you look at them and think, what could you possibly be flipping out about now. But, there are far more moments, even from the second they are born where you watch them smile while they sleep and wonder what they dream about, and watch they clap and laugh when they count to 3 or finally get to the end of the ABC's (and they are totally wrong). There are the moments when they wreck their big boy bike, or some kid on the playground is a meany head and you just want to protect them...then they grow up and all in the same day you want to shake them for thinking they know it all, cry because they just got their drivers license and be so incredibly proud because they are killing it at something they have struggled with in the past. My point. Parenting is hard but so incredibly rewarding...

Celebrate it. Enjoy every single moment of it. Capture it. And remember it forever.

P.s. Full disclosure... my grammar is not amazing. Good thing I'm a photographer and not a teacher or writer lmfao :) (That's one was for my favorite two people in the world haha)

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